TMI NEVER HAVE I EVER ft Desiree Montoya *We Exposed Ourselves*

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Danielle Cohn

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Samantha Spivak
Samantha Spivak Күн мурун
She literally lies about her age. And then she says if she vaped she wouldn’t lie about it. Her hole life is a lie
Rubi Flores
Rubi Flores 2 күн мурун
Dani she so nice and pretty Ik she did things y’all don’t like but she literally getting better each day.
Ava G
Ava G 3 күн мурун
Ahhh I love how Dani would ask abt her makeup but instead of being nice and saying it looked good desi would compliment her then help her out🥺
Lucy Chavez
Lucy Chavez 3 күн мурун
Honestly idgaf what people gotta say about her just because of her age, even if she was older yall would still be talking shit 😭
Legit_Princesse Ireille
Legit_Princesse Ireille 7 күн мурун
Didn't Desiree cheat on Renee with Diego and used the "we're just friends " card. She should've followed her own advice lol 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Mackenzy Leigh
Mackenzy Leigh 9 күн мурун
I’ve literally have seen Dani vape before lmao
good vibes
good vibes 14 күн мурун
I love how all desi did was her brows
Katelyn Paige
Katelyn Paige 17 күн мурун
Francesca Sarcone
Francesca Sarcone 17 күн мурун
I felt like I was getting ready in my bathroom with you girls. I loved feeling this little girl chat time
KASSII OFFICIAL 18 күн мурун
Draco Malfoy
Draco Malfoy 18 күн мурун
Draco Malfoy
Draco Malfoy 18 күн мурун
RAILEY WALTMAN 20 күн мурун
I don't understand why people still throwing shade at dani for being "too young" but then they're usually way younger than her or way older like chillll shes tryna be a good person and everybody hating istg...
Mike Pomal
Mike Pomal 16 күн мурун
When someone is under the age of consent and engages in sexual activity and posting sexual content online, of course it's going to be criticized, it's technically illegal, but we aren't going to blame Danielle, she doesn't know any better being a minor, we blame her horrible parents
Bunny_Yun 21 күн мурун
What?!?! make out with a girl?!? dude your sick 🤪
gionna hoskins
gionna hoskins 23 күн мурун
the vampire diaries hoodie- thast all im worried about-
Marvin Fajardo
Marvin Fajardo 24 күн мурун
The most boring vid ever
Alexus Wilson
Alexus Wilson 25 күн мурун
Dani looks like Catherine from the ace family.
Gacha Ghost
Gacha Ghost 25 күн мурун
Love the hoodie 😌🤌
Hannah H
Hannah H 25 күн мурун
She seems like one of those friends that u can trust and it just makes me happy and high key wanna be friends with her 🥺
Liliana Official
Liliana Official 25 күн мурун
But isn’t she like 14?
The Johnson girls
The Johnson girls 5 күн мурун
She is 16 now in 2021
Mike Pomal
Mike Pomal 16 күн мурун
15, which is still under the age of consent
destinee davis
destinee davis 27 күн мурун
i kinda like dani come at me but shes gorgeous
Jordan Jay
Jordan Jay 28 күн мурун
Girl you seem like such a fun person to hangout with I literally have no friends because it’s so hard to find such a loyal friend like you like can we be friends?
Genesis Trejo
Genesis Trejo 29 күн мурун
I love your vids Dani❤️ and y’all are beautiful and don’t let the hate get to you💕
Madison Conde
Madison Conde 29 күн мурун
people think they know everything about desi & dani but i genuinely think they’re telling the truth. y’all gotta understand y’all only see a few minutes of their life & it’s not always what it seems. love y’all
Reyna S
Reyna S Ай мурун
Ly guys and yasss queens♥️
Patricia Vera
Patricia Vera Ай мурун
dani, no hate but i see summers eve spray i recommend not to use that but thats all you so you do you but i just dont recommend that.
Angelina Perdomo
Angelina Perdomo Ай мурун
they both so cute i love them they jus hella pure
ann.03 Ай мурун
They are both Pisces that’s why they get along so well!!
ann.03 Ай мурун
They are both Pisces , now wonder they get along so well!!
Perry Ben
Perry Ben Ай мурун
Bro people keep simping on her and that encourages her to do more dirty and degrading things. if you think posting booty pics and twerking on social media at age 15 is fine then let me know I'll fuckin tell you how much about dumbass you are
connie jenkins
connie jenkins Ай мурун
Dani has matured so much I love her
Graicyn Smith
Graicyn Smith Ай мурун
Checking another video after watching the Christmas haul to see if she as big of a brat as I think she is... and she are. She doesn’t deserve any subscribers and need to learn how to be humble. Life is gonna bite her in the ass
Emina Alikadic
Emina Alikadic Ай мурун
bebecita_jc Ай мурун
I love the fact there honest 🥰
It’s Mya
It’s Mya Ай мурун
I love how Desiree is giving Danielle advice with the makeup, like when you ask her “is this good” she’s so honest and tells you what you need to do!!💕
It’s Mya
It’s Mya Ай мурун
“In life there are going to be people who hate you but all that it matters is that you love yourself” don’t listen to the haters Danielle❤️❤️
Maya Heff
Maya Heff Ай мурун
Ok but wheres des jacket from
Kassidy Zavala
Kassidy Zavala Ай мурун
damn, i need a best friend wtf
olivia B
olivia B Ай мурун
Where did u get ur sweatshirt
keilany garay
keilany garay Ай мурун
so no one finna say nothing about her makeup’s 😂?
Andrea Granatic
Andrea Granatic Ай мурун
Tommy McDonough
Tommy McDonough Ай мурун
The gays love you danielle
Hally Sanders
Hally Sanders Ай мурун
Am I the only person being like DANI IS SO PRETTY ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Elizabeth Watkins
Elizabeth Watkins Ай мурун
You have grown so much more as a person since you started
Ninu Ай мурун
Lmao she's a human being (she's so beautiful) and y'all hating her lmao.
adri Ай мурун
desi doing her eyebrows for 15 mins
yadira arnold
yadira arnold Ай мурун
whoever reads this! accept Jesus into ur heart before it’s to late u can stlll be saved by his grace and love believe that God sent his son Jesus to die for ur sins and rose him from the dead 3 days later. turn away from ur sins ! he has a purpose for ur pain and he hears ur prayers!
Mad-D-Tv Ай мурун
desi was doing her eyebrows the whole video 😭💕
Sondra kb
Sondra kb Ай мурун
you guys theres nothing wrong with what any of them do. let them be teenagers because they’re right, you only live once ✌🏼
hello hello
hello hello Ай мурун
girl your *14* girlll bye like honey Will you be doing all of this your life messed up girl bye
Olivia Bryan
Olivia Bryan Ай мурун
I love your jumper and sweats Danielle
Diviana Trendz
Diviana Trendz Ай мурун
Desi a real one she’s helping Dani and telling her how to touch up her makeup I love that
Lil'bihhh Ай мурун
*Hold on that’s desire without make up I thought that was someone completely different😳*
LC Ай мурун
What even is considered cheating for 13 year Olds???
Lia Marte
Lia Marte Ай мурун
No hate but how she I d think she should be twerking on a boy
B J Ай мурун
Why LIE 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 she LIE'S about everything
Emily Gonzalez
Emily Gonzalez Ай мурун
i have seen two pretty bestfriends
bre Ай мурун
Violette Elizabeth
Violette Elizabeth Ай мурун
I still can’t believe desi is only 15 my age like what and she dresses like that plus has her tounge pierced I can’t even get my nose pierced and I’m 15 🙄
Faith Elizabeth
Faith Elizabeth Ай мурун
I love how Dani is such a positive supportive person 🤍!
teighlor Kayy
teighlor Kayy Ай мурун
I love this girl so much !! I have got so so much respect for her , she’s such an honest and gorgeous girl , would love to meet her !!♥️
free edits
free edits Ай мурун
The fact that she is the age of my cousin and she has twerked on her ex like a lot is weird...
Mattea Marquez
Mattea Marquez Ай мурун
This is not hate but if I were dani I wouldn't have aborted her baby I know she's young but I would have kept or gave to a close family member. Dani is an amazing awesome lovely girl and doesn't deserve hate
g Melendez
g Melendez Ай мурун
Dani if your reading this I wish you the best! I’m sorry for everything you’ve been through and all this hate.
Honeyah Granvle
Honeyah Granvle Ай мурун
At first I didn’t like Dani but now I stan her.
Lala Williams
Lala Williams Ай мурун
I love you Dani I really want to like this I hate when people hate on you
Maddy Girl
Maddy Girl Ай мурун
She said I used to lie in my video but still lies in her videos lmao but I know it’s her mom making her so
Kaya Ай мурун
Gosh. I'm 18, and I haven't done anything...I guess I haven't lived being a "teenager." 🥲 Since I had no one to do it with, a week after my 18th I got drunk on my parents tequila alone in my kitchen. I went on my first date 2 months ago on a Tinder app and it was bad. No exes, no sexual experiences besides assaulters. So yeah. Kids don't listen to everything you see about "exploring yourself as a teenager..." it might not turn out the way you hope. Euphoria don't equal highschool.
Don’t rushed yourself with the whole sexual experiences, your body your choice and yeah I agree. I felt like I didn’t do a lot of “teenager” things but I realized it’s not me. Tf, I look like smoking weed in the bathroom when I know teachers use it too. Lmaoo I look back and say I had fun , plus you can have fun in college as well. Honestly it’s not big deal
alondra hernandez
alondra hernandez Ай мурун
desi really switched up the story
nevi Ай мурун
omg where did desi get her playboy jacket from 🥺
it’s Nevaeh
it’s Nevaeh Ай мурун
you know she done to man bad things but honestly she has gotten better
Olivia Grace
Olivia Grace Ай мурун
Shes been my idol since i knew who she was which was 3 years ago i love you dani
Yvette Escalera
Yvette Escalera Ай мурун
Dan and Desiree are so beautiful and gorgeous inside and outside with or without makeup
LiterallyThxughts _
LiterallyThxughts _ Ай мурун
Im subscribing to her because shes interesting
Abby Terpstra
Abby Terpstra Ай мурун
dani is an inspiration
Cat Gaming
Cat Gaming Ай мурун
Honestly you can’t always blame your bad decisions on “being a teenager” if so learn from them and don’t do it again as your supposedly maturing into an adult
Carmela Schaaf
Carmela Schaaf Ай мурун
Dani is literally the sweetest person ever, people hate on her bc of what they hear from other people that hate on her. But if you watch her videos and actually understand her, she’s so sweet and deserves the best❤️
Kaitlynn Marie
Kaitlynn Marie Ай мурун
She looks like she used to now with the colored extensions
Xxprxcessbaddie Xx
Xxprxcessbaddie Xx Ай мурун
Everyone who hates on her is just jealous
Xxprxcessbaddie Xx
Xxprxcessbaddie Xx Ай мурун
Me: sees danis hoodie Me: we would vibe
ashlynn barry
ashlynn barry Ай мурун
desi's skin is absolutely FLAWLESS!!
Zodiac Sign Girl
Zodiac Sign Girl Ай мурун
I love The vampire diaries
taylor huber
taylor huber Ай мурун
How old are they?
xinghua Ай мурун
14 and 15
Sariah Amaya
Sariah Amaya Ай мурун
I love how there being so honest ❤️
Jewelz Ай мурун
Fr u don’t lie but used to before. U lied already several times in this and u still lie. Ur not 16 ur 14. U cheated since u exposed urself in this video u did. U made out with a dude when u were dating someone and u said it was when u were with a now ex and claimed it was an opportunity u could miss out on! Really that’s cheating! Then on ur live when Mikey ran away to ur house he exposed u and said u cheated on Ethan with him. Which is how we all know he isn’t ur baby daddy and u just lied to keep ur bf out of jail for knocking up a minor. Stop lying. For once made a video of ur truths not more lying. Be honest cuz u have really young fans and promote things a child never should be doing or dressing like u. Own up to ur crap for once and be HONEST! Stop lying for once!
Stella Rurema
Stella Rurema Ай мурун
what a friendship
Jennifer Ferreira
Jennifer Ferreira Ай мурун
Dani seems like such a nice person I don't get why people judge her so much
Lazyowl Ай мурун
Im the only ine taht stalk her on tik tok oop hahahaa
Lazyowl Ай мурун
One that *
Lazyowl Ай мурун
kK&mM vids
kK&mM vids Ай мурун
Omg I love her friend
Juliana Linker
Juliana Linker Ай мурун
Anyone notice how freaking long Desiree’s nails are- HOW
Brighdie Lenear
Brighdie Lenear Ай мурун
If anyone were to cheat on Beyoncé they are just stupid in the head for that
Zerozap X
Zerozap X Ай мурун
The camera fell bc he wa tired of photo shopping pics,also one word LMAO
Zerozap X
Zerozap X Ай мурун
Comment if u agreed
Zerozap X
Zerozap X Ай мурун
U use Photoshop and ur dad exposed u saying u were 14,LMAO
Boosie Nell
Boosie Nell Ай мурун
Mind ya business let ha live 🥱
Boosie Nell
Boosie Nell Ай мурун
Zerozap X
Zerozap X Ай мурун
U use Photoshop and ur dad exposed u saying u were 14,LMAO
Carlee Faith
Carlee Faith Ай мурун
stop acting obsessed mind your business and move on
Zerozap X
Zerozap X Ай мурун
U use Photoshop and ur dad exposed u saying u were 14,LMAO
Zerozap X
Zerozap X Ай мурун
U use Photoshop and ur dad exposed u saying u were 14,LMAO
Zerozap X
Zerozap X Ай мурун
U use Photoshop and ur dad exposed u saying u were 14,LMAO
Zerozap X
Zerozap X Ай мурун
Wtf can we talk about how danele Cohn uses Photoshop on her pics and she made a song called secreto which offended me bc I'm Spanish so lemme spam
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