EXTREME Truth Or Dare ft. Desiree Montoya *INTENSE*

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Danielle Cohn

2 ай мурун

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Francesca Sarcone
Francesca Sarcone 8 күн мурун
I love when Dani films videos with Desi. It makes me feel like I’m at a sleepover with them I just love the girl talk vibes
Nevaeh Tucker
Nevaeh Tucker Ай мурун
i dont know what i would do if they stopped being friends
Nevaeh Tucker
Nevaeh Tucker Ай мурун
8:06 i love her little gigglee
Aaliyah Estrada
Aaliyah Estrada Ай мурун
Didn’t she say the n word and she was like omg sorry cause she was caught, yeah I didn't forget
Harsha Gobinath
Harsha Gobinath Ай мурун
Des looks lowkey cute in those pjs
Mina Mina
Mina Mina Ай мурун
Where is Desirees phone case from .
gabbys- vu
gabbys- vu Ай мурун
FEMALES!!!!! This is the reason u don’t let ur man have a girl best friend. Diego’s her bestie but they kissed ye no
Cole Bradfield
Cole Bradfield Ай мурун
I think dani is funny
Berenice Villalobos
Berenice Villalobos Ай мурун
tell desiree to make more videos
danielseaveys applejuice
danielseaveys applejuice Ай мурун
4:45 desi kinda looked like Kylie Jenner in my opinion
Korina Prlić
Korina Prlić Ай мурун
Dani i hope you find someone worthy of you not saying that mikey was a bad boyfriend but if it was too hard to mainten the relashionship sometimes is better to be single to discover what do you want
Breckin Odom
Breckin Odom Ай мурун
why did dani shake her head when you said diego was the last person you kissed
Breckin Odom
Breckin Odom Ай мурун
diego is my man😡
Random Content
Random Content 2 ай мурун
Mike explained why you guys broke up really well kgpost.info/will/video/1mfMvXujqZdoe9k you should say your side cause 😂😂
Kayla Kelly
Kayla Kelly 2 ай мурун
i only wacth this because Desiree
Rhiannon Foss
Rhiannon Foss 2 ай мурун
ok but dani looks JUST like kylie wtf
Isabella Hernandez
Isabella Hernandez 2 ай мурун
i love thier friendship
Zayna Haydenn
Zayna Haydenn 2 ай мурун
I love you girlsss
Ruvi 2 ай мурун
Hey💕plz try to help me reach my goal of 10k subscribers it would mean the world to me ❤️ my KGpost is about prank clothing Try on hauls and more
Analisa Adventures
Analisa Adventures 2 ай мурун
Dani seems so annoyed with des 🤣
Accidental Alien
Accidental Alien 2 ай мурун
Without all the makeup and revealing outfits she literally looks like an infant. How are people actually believing she's "16"?
Accidental Alien
Accidental Alien 2 ай мурун
@fro. nri Because she's a kid being sexually exploited by her "mother" for money. That's why. Did you know that her mother let her date a 17 year old when she was 11? Do you realize exactly how messed up that is?
fro. nri
fro. nri 2 ай мурун
Why do you even care
nathalie tolentino
nathalie tolentino 2 ай мурун
who else was looking at that thing in dani’s hair 😭😭😭
Imani Xo
Imani Xo 2 ай мурун
Wow she’s from funnymike
Laila Johnson
Laila Johnson 2 ай мурун
aww, I love their friendship ngl!!!
Jamie 2 ай мурун
no offense but it looks like she’s bold in the front with the way her hair is 🥸
BBrazy. Kenyaaa
BBrazy. Kenyaaa 2 ай мурун
Desire said the n word in 11:20/11:49
L. Alsharmani
L. Alsharmani 2 ай мурун
No she didn’t 😂
T LeCesne
T LeCesne 2 ай мурун
Mikey & Dani broke up?
Shayla Rossman
Shayla Rossman 2 ай мурун
wait they broke up!? damn thats so sad I cant even
Cookiegirl 1
Cookiegirl 1 2 ай мурун
As an old person, I will never understand why these youtubers are so popular. They aren't that interesting.
Fainting Dog
Fainting Dog 2 ай мурун
Then get off if you aren't enertained, boomer.😂
Its.kaleyy 2 ай мурун
where is her phone case from it’s so cute
Mireilyss 2 ай мурун
Y is desire even “famous”
idcimkayla 2 ай мурун
dani is the literal cutest 🥺
angel x
angel x 2 ай мурун
hi dani can you like this for no reason😁
Lmao desi u don’t kiss you’re brother
Jordin with a I
Jordin with a I 2 ай мурун
Erica Doll
Erica Doll 2 ай мурун
Is it just me or does she sound younger than usual
Accidental Alien
Accidental Alien 2 ай мурун
She even looks so much younger without the skimpy clothes and makeup. She looks like a literal baby.
Sophia 2 ай мурун
Dani is absolutely GORGEOUS ❤️❤️❤️
Pine Cone
Pine Cone 2 ай мурун
Memeoulus gang, you have been beat
Mia Rodriguez
Mia Rodriguez 2 ай мурун
I knew it why is she so scared to say it like we know who it is🤦🏽‍♀️😂
Wqves Spqrkle
Wqves Spqrkle 2 ай мурун
People hating on Dani me here loving and supporting Dani forever: 💕💕💕🥺💕🥺🥺🥺
Adx Gaming
Adx Gaming 2 ай мурун
They look like two fuckin Clown
Andrew Matta
Andrew Matta 2 ай мурун
lol ur trash kid
Diamond 2 ай мурун
9:41LMAOOOO desi cant say that she be moving on QUICKKKK
ruby garcia
ruby garcia 2 ай мурун
i dont see the point of this video😐
Can’t believe how BIG she is
Virgen Lopez
Virgen Lopez 2 ай мурун
wdym "big"
Forever_andrea101 2 ай мурун
yal know they are dating! thats why mikey and desiree broke up with them bc they were bi now
Judith Ledesma
Judith Ledesma 2 ай мурун
am i the only one that can see the pain in desiree’s eyes when vincent’s names is said...
meckensie m
meckensie m 2 ай мурун
its sad bc danielle is pretty and im sure she is a sweetheart! (at least i think so..)
A X N G I E 2 ай мурун
dani u and des should react to your 2019 youtube videos :)
Brook k
Brook k 2 ай мурун
desi looked at dani’s hair so many times and didn’t say anything abt that one strand sticking out😭😭
Kathy Ventura
Kathy Ventura 2 ай мурун
Is it me or I been looking at Danielle's nails the whole time .-.
meghan stallion
meghan stallion 2 ай мурун
you can tell her and mikey still have so much love for each other.
Daniella otalora
Daniella otalora 2 ай мурун
Whats eligh @ that desi texted
Daniella otalora
Daniella otalora 2 ай мурун
Whats deis outift called ? 😍😍
Elia Esteban Gutiérrez
Elia Esteban Gutiérrez 2 ай мурун
Hermosa s🥺🥺🥺🥰
spanish brat
spanish brat 2 ай мурун
best duo 🥺🥺🤍
Kehlani Boo
Kehlani Boo 2 ай мурун
She’s 15 turning 16-
M O O N _
M O O N _ 2 ай мурун
Cloud_baby 2 ай мурун
Dani is literally my favorite person and so is desi 🥺🥺
Kayla Pelt
Kayla Pelt 2 ай мурун
Guys, it’s at 0:50 she says they break up and the reasoning.
Becca P
Becca P 2 ай мурун
the moments where i paused the video at 7:15 and desi had her mouth wide open after dani said "hi baby i miss you"
Yanga Nasiphi Adonis
Yanga Nasiphi Adonis 2 ай мурун
Does anyone notice that she didnt tag Mikey like she used to in her videos
Becca P
Becca P 2 ай мурун
dani you are so perfect
Jaylene Lopez Sanchez
Jaylene Lopez Sanchez 2 ай мурун
LOLz like if u want desi n Diego bck together
Perry Ben
Perry Ben 2 ай мурун
Bro this girl is trying to act like an adult to much it's sickening. You should not be dating an 18 year old when your 14.
Izabella Cantu
Izabella Cantu 2 ай мурун
@Accidental Alien bro i was talking just about the video not her whole damn life and anyways people shouldn’t tell her what she can do or not its not there lives thats what i was simply saying to the person who commented
Accidental Alien
Accidental Alien 2 ай мурун
@Izabella Cantu Its not just the game its her whole life since the age of 11
Izabella Cantu
Izabella Cantu 2 ай мурун
She’s acting like a “adult” because there playing truth and dare broo Almost every group of girls thats play truth and dare do the same exact things.
Perry Ben
Perry Ben 2 ай мурун
Clout chasing to the max
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 2 ай мурун
Watch me dab as i ride pass got too much swag
Jessthatsmyname1 2 ай мурун
There we go you look your age! ✨14✨
Nina Thomas
Nina Thomas Ай мурун
It’s not your business;plus even if she dose look older or wants to lie about her age and say she’s an few years older it’s none of your business and she can look like however she wants, not your place to say ANYTHING hun. Bye.
Samantha Arlene
Samantha Arlene 2 ай мурун
Dani and desi are so stunning and beautiful like how are they so pretty like not even me😭❤️ but btw I love you Dani and desi
Queen Nessa
Queen Nessa 2 ай мурун
wait so they broke upp ??:(
Sydney Krabbenhoft
Sydney Krabbenhoft 2 ай мурун
I aint never seen two pretty best fri-
Alyssa Rosalina
Alyssa Rosalina 2 ай мурун
Forever wishing to have a friendship like theirs ❤️
Samantha Dominguez
Samantha Dominguez 2 ай мурун
It’s Armando she he was live
Angeline Cornet
Angeline Cornet 2 ай мурун
If you vote for trump,you are immediately threathed,talked down and dragged for your political views.Now tell me is what biden doing so great that you think trump should be gone?Maybe you need to sit down and listen and think of all alternitives to why trump does what he does.Maybe you dont there are 6 other countries that want to go to war with us,but he the only one putting that barrier between them and us.Trump is trying to restore the land of God.But yall democarates are being fools and being lied to by biden and his goons.One you all will see his true colors and you will regret it so bad.
Emma Carreño
Emma Carreño 2 ай мурун
I found 2 pretty best friends!! 😭💖
Danielle Cohn
Danielle Cohn 2 ай мурун
Your so beautiful don't let the haters hate keep on shining and keeping up the Good Work Love you Danielle ❤️ I wish I was I was you May I Please have a Shoutout Please and thank you
smellygun 2 ай мурун
fucking lying fatso i hope you realise all your views are pedos
jerika 2 ай мурун
can i ask why you got veneers instead of braces? just curious
Jaz&Liz 2 ай мурун
This was funny! But Dani cover ur mouth when u cough.
fuck off
fuck off 2 ай мурун
The 2nd Power
The 2nd Power 2 ай мурун
this whole vid was then tryna figure out what to dare each other
Diariou Barry
Diariou Barry 2 ай мурун
Diariou Barry
Diariou Barry 2 ай мурун
i miss mani
Diariou Barry
Diariou Barry 2 ай мурун
or like cuz
Jaeda Xo
Jaeda Xo 2 ай мурун
Your only 13 stop acting older your so ugly
amatiel maldonado
amatiel maldonado 2 ай мурун
Why Danelle why why did you and Mikey break up bruh liikkkkeeee wwwwhhhhyyyyy😭😭😭😭💖
Sadie Adler
Sadie Adler 2 ай мурун
A few years ago I didn’t like you but now I love you
kylie Bergstrom
kylie Bergstrom 2 ай мурун
I found the two pretty best friends 🥺🙃
Elizabeth Treadwell
Elizabeth Treadwell 2 ай мурун
Is Desiree Sisters with the Montoya twins
Rachael Kaye
Rachael Kaye 2 ай мурун
“good juicy dares”🤣
Robyn Morgan
Robyn Morgan 2 ай мурун
80% of this video was u just talking about guys smh😭
Amedee Ganga
Amedee Ganga 2 ай мурун
Hey Danielle! Hope you have a nice day
obviously Evelyn
obviously Evelyn 2 ай мурун
That’s why I don’t let my boyfriend have girl best friend or so called “ sister “... cause females be sneaky. “ he’s like my lil brother “ “ last person I kiss was Diego “ okkkkk
Mariah Danielle
Mariah Danielle Ай мурун
If I call someone my "brother" I never have a crush on them or never kiss them.... like I cant call someone my brother than I dont kiss them
Ruby Ramirez
Ruby Ramirez 2 ай мурун
Diamond 2 ай мурун
@obviously Evelyn yes I totally agree, you just have that feeling and you can tell by how they act they are doing some sneaky stuff.
Jasmine Potato
Jasmine Potato 2 ай мурун
@Ciara Horan learn the proper use of internalized misogyny before you use it like an idiot. females aren’t saints, you don’t have to praise their every move to be a feminist. many females do things like this with their “brothers” and “best friends” and this is usually the root of many breakups between males and females. educate yourself a little bit idiot
Ciara Horan
Ciara Horan 2 ай мурун
the internalized misogyny of it all... wow
babygirlamanii 2 ай мурун
hey are you okay how are you doing
Leslie Ramirez
Leslie Ramirez 2 ай мурун
Bye I wanna be friends with these two 🥺
brianna bae haygood
brianna bae haygood 2 ай мурун
I love your new song and I love you Dani 💕❤️
Aviana mariee
Aviana mariee 2 ай мурун
Y’all are beautiful queens😍😍
lilo stitch
lilo stitch 2 ай мурун
شنو هذاا بيفتح لايف؟
yaretzy ‘
yaretzy ‘ 2 ай мурун
shes slowly stealing my man
Whinzelle Manabat
Whinzelle Manabat 2 ай мурун
I love you since 2016
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