Asking guys JUICY questions Girls are to Afraid to ask!

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Danielle Cohn

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Emo Dirbali
Emo Dirbali 13 күн мурун
7:44 i love how everyones gonna let it slide when she says this.
Daisy Gonzalez
Daisy Gonzalez 16 күн мурун
Who’s here after she got officially Canceled for saying the r slur multiple times
makayla anderson
makayla anderson 18 күн мурун
Stop✋ I use to simp for the guy in the orange- and he used to follow me on tiktok👀
Katlin Carrol
Katlin Carrol 18 күн мурун
Wait she's a teen mom😲 OMG YASSSS 💜💜💜
LulBambino 19 күн мурун
Hello Danielle
Jack Smith
Jack Smith 20 күн мурун
I've only watched 3 seconds of this video, and I've already deducted that it is the most garbage boring piece of shit that I've ever seen
Reine Dayya
Reine Dayya 20 күн мурун
Girl, if you’re actually 15, then in the next video I want to see a picture of you in your 15th birthday. 😬
niyahlivelol 26 күн мурун
I just came to read the comments
Ultimate low IQ
Ultimate low IQ 27 күн мурун
Sam Jinny
Sam Jinny 28 күн мурун
ur boyfiriend is a nonce
Pinkly doll word Word
Pinkly doll word Word Ай мурун
I..i. . Why😑 poor girl why her mom doing this.
Faith Yekani
Faith Yekani Ай мурун
I love Dani but this video is just awkward and the pauses in between are just too much😅😂
TheBarbieBlank Ай мурун
Ilysm Danielle you look so lovely omg what kind of eyeliner do you use naturally
rpojr Ай мурун
Stop supporting this child. She is 14, being exploited and needs help. Stop watching the video and call cps to help her!!!
Stupid Cow
Stupid Cow Ай мурун
“I’m a teen mom so..” girl...
Leonie Kelly
Leonie Kelly Ай мурун
@Through Jarielis Eyes calm down she made it out like she is a teen mum loads of people thought she was on about her self we didn't realise she was still reading the question
Through Jarielis Eyes
Through Jarielis Eyes Ай мурун
She was reading the question 😂learn you fact before you talk smack
Beth Ай мурун
SOOO .... did Dani call Mikey out for CHEATING ?!
gem kay
gem kay Ай мурун
If there is anyone who is legitimately looking at this video for advice, please don’t! These are kids too and are giving terrible advice! Please talk to your parents or watch better KGpost videos!
AcHearts Forever
AcHearts Forever Ай мурун
That is what I was thinking tbh....
- Ай мурун
did age well
jeydizzle Ай мурун
Erandy Giron
Erandy Giron Ай мурун
Everyone : 😂👏🤗 jazzy: 😌👁️👄👁️
Ella Finch
Ella Finch Ай мурун
shes a teen mum?? since when
Valeria Alvarado
Valeria Alvarado Ай мурун
Dani yu r not a teen mom ur not raising a kid
shan lan
shan lan Ай мурун
Jazzy looks like she don't wanna be there imao
Tatiana G
Tatiana G Ай мурун
adult talk: but for minors gross
Don't test me
Don't test me Ай мурун
LMAO she was about to slip the R slur at 7:40
Mia D
Mia D Ай мурун
For anyone who is coming at her for saying she’s a teen mom the girl that said the comment is a teen mom and she commented that.
Jasmine Saman
Jasmine Saman Ай мурун
Them: i like em short Me: *adds another point to my total score*
Allisa Ай мурун
Im sorry lowkey awkward vid...
happy bame
happy bame Ай мурун
Get this 12 year old how off my screen
Olivia Madore
Olivia Madore Ай мурун
You can't be a teen mom if you didn't raise the kid smh
Reba S.
Reba S. Ай мурун
awww I just noticed this and I know I’m kinda late but luv u Dani!! The fact that she still has Mikey in her description is so sweet!! Ignore the hate bby u deserve sooooooo much better!!! Ur past does not represent the present 💖🥰☺️
XxLacey JayxX
XxLacey JayxX Ай мурун
Thumbnail: body count? Bruh Dani’s still 13 because she wants to grow up too fast.
aubriella Ай мурун
7:07 notice how ceaser didnt laugh. this is why i love him :)
aubriella Ай мурун
theres 2 boys in this video and 1 man
Zoyan Brown
Zoyan Brown Ай мурун
Don't get me wrong I like dani but she keeps on saying she wants to move on but brings up ethan EVERY chance she gets and throws shade then apologizes over and over. Girl it's just bringing more drama i bet there's already a tea video abt this video.
AK hepp
AK hepp Ай мурун
the one in the grey sweater is cute
Harsha Gobinath
Harsha Gobinath Ай мурун
Are we gonna talk about the fact that we literally did not hear shit throughout this video
Kinsey Ай мурун
Wait WTF was her mom in the background 🥴
sarah ssizzle
sarah ssizzle Ай мурун
so then ig her and mikey broke up
Marina Duran
Marina Duran Ай мурун
They're children 🤦
r_3esie Ай мурун
Where’s the masks?
Adriana Migasi
Adriana Migasi Ай мурун
Jazzy must be left out a lot like Dani is always just in the way taking over and not hanging out with jazzy unless their alone together of just the girls
Jessica Joseph
Jessica Joseph Ай мурун
CoRoNa ViRuS
hitoribocchi Ай мурун
I think i like that guy in Orange. He is pretty cute tho
Dory Hanson-Mengel
Dory Hanson-Mengel Ай мурун
I think Dani and I are living almost the same life right now when it comes to our love life.
Fabiola Benavidez Guzman
Fabiola Benavidez Guzman Ай мурун
Bro did you get back with micky
Adore you
Adore you Ай мурун
Dani really is the definition of ,, you only apologized cause you got caught“. If she really would be the person we would think she is, she would immediately say I‘m so sorry but because she knew that it could be cut out she just thought ,, welp whatever“ it’s so sad and I bet so many other people are like this.
Zeze Mih
Zeze Mih Ай мурун
Peepee poopoo exactly she always makes excuses
Peepee poopoo
Peepee poopoo Ай мурун
She doesn't even apologize lol. She says "sorry, but this isn't my fault. Everyone else does this" Like, cool. No we don't do this
Adore you
Adore you Ай мурун
*First thing* ( if she meant herself) :Dani is NOT a teen mom. A teen mom a female between the age of 11-19 who become pregnant and parent their children, basically said, they gave birth to the child and took care of it. Dani was only pregnant but she had an abortion that doesn’t make her a TEEN MOM. *Second thing* :why is she always bringing up one of her ex boyfriends, it seems like she does it for attention. *Third thing* : WHY IN THE WORLD ARE THEY HANGING OUT?! THERE IS S GLOBAL PANDEMIC. I don’t know if it’s like that in Danis City/ State too, but here in Germany we can only have one person in the house that isn’t a part of the household. I don’t know where she lives, but seeing how terrible the pandemic in the US. Is, I bet they have some kind of rule like that as well. Dani I’m disappointed.
Adore you
Adore you Ай мурун
@Elvire Obirai
Elvire Obirai
Elvire Obirai Ай мурун
LiterallyThxughts _
LiterallyThxughts _ Ай мурун
jazzy looks like she doesnt even want to be part of the video- 💀🤠
Ωluc shines the sun Ω
Ωluc shines the sun Ω Ай мурун
yo hablo español y quiero decir que asco de persana es Dani osea a los 14 años asiendo cosas feas ni mi hermana de 14 años hace eso osea que asco de persona ensima tiene novio a los 14 AÑOS osea PUDRETE
RoyaltyAsh Ай мурун
So you're telling me if a fan just texts you saying hi and keeps the convo going you would consider them as a friend?
Jade Wilson
Jade Wilson Ай мурун
Sumayah Begum
Sumayah Begum Ай мурун
Why is Jazzy in the video she was just there laughing what a useless girl she should be rightfully cancelled lol
leavemealone Ай мурун
this was so awkward
Angel Moore
Angel Moore Ай мурун
lia Ай мурун
I'm from fl and i can guarantee these are not how the majority of fl dudes least not in miami
Gabriella Alvarez
Gabriella Alvarez Ай мурун
I feel like she ISNT a teen mom? But idk I’m not trying to judge or anything
poopy caca
poopy caca Ай мурун
@Viviana Marion she never said she was, she was reading the comment and the person that commented said that
poopy caca
poopy caca Ай мурун
she never said she was, she was reading the comment and the person that commented said that
Viviana Marion
Viviana Marion Ай мурун
she aborted her child
Tori Assise
Tori Assise Ай мурун
Danielle is wonderful and truely amazing
gilbert farmer
gilbert farmer Ай мурун
please stop using your body for views and money
Genesis Tucker
Genesis Tucker Ай мурун
Jazzy looks like she does not wanna be their she’s prbly thinking in her head I miss Joseph
Mariah Ай мурун
there so awkward
Mariah Ай мурун
Marissa Castro
Marissa Castro Ай мурун
this video is so cringey
abbie McDermott
abbie McDermott Ай мурун
Love you Dani😊😊
Madison Swanson
Madison Swanson Ай мурун
Stop hating already its getting old!!
cuntfrog Ай мурун
sToP haTiNG aLrEAdy iTs gEtTiNg oLd!! 😩😩
Naomi Deng
Naomi Deng Ай мурун
Yo piper rockelle is better than you.
hannahh_ daii
hannahh_ daii Ай мурун
these comments do not pass the vibe check. i’m so sorry dani.
trinity cruz
trinity cruz Ай мурун
Nigga said “ cat dies after nine life’s “ meaning the different way 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lowkey_ Akelah
Lowkey_ Akelah Ай мурун
Is jazzy ok 🥺
Aymo Ackerman
Aymo Ackerman Ай мурун
For the people who keep commenting about the teen mom stuff.... Omg SHE WAS READING THE FREAKING COMMENTS AHHH
Shayla Wright
Shayla Wright Ай мурун
Nevaeh Tucker
Nevaeh Tucker Ай мурун
Dani I love you. You have gotten me through so much. Your so body positive and that helps me be body positive, thanks.. ilysm be urself
moon Ай мурун
So are we not gonna talk about how dani almost said the r-word?
Astra B.
Astra B. Ай мурун
Oh we need to. Saying the r word is just- a big no-no
Gracie Bohannon
Gracie Bohannon Ай мурун
Sub to jahwrrld
Ale Rosado
Ale Rosado Ай мурун
your not a teen mom
jazzlyne vargas .!
jazzlyne vargas .! Ай мурун
im from Florida let's just say they aren't loyal 😭😭 (well some )
Imbored Ай мурун
Am I the only one who didn’t get what was so funny with her “jet ski 💕💕” TikTok
Accidental Alien
Accidental Alien Ай мурун
She could have gotten hurt. Actually, I think she was. There's a video on instagram where jenny explains that dani drove onto a ramp and fell off. Dani is walking on the water, but slowly, and it looks like she's in pain. What does jenny do? Whip out her camera and film it. Because THAT'S what you do when your kid is injured.
14_Hadeer Al Zaidi
14_Hadeer Al Zaidi Ай мурун
Her friend group seems fake to me but idk
Olivia Neill
Olivia Neill Ай мурун
just because you get some views on KGpost doesn’t exclude you from the rest of the population ESPECIALLY in the California/LA area from SOCIAL DISTANCING. your fucking mansion you were able to buy from exploiting your body is big enough to accomodate for your 4 friends to have a socially distanced gathering while we are in a pandemic. lost my respect.
HollisterMorgan Ай мурун
dani, your not a teen mom... u never had the baby.... there for ur not actually a mom
Patri Nes
Patri Nes 15 күн мурун
@HollisterMorgan the person who asked the question is a teen mom, that's why she asked the question . Dani only read it. It was legit a part of the comment
HollisterMorgan 15 күн мурун
Patri Nes she said “i’m a teen mom so”
Patri Nes
Patri Nes 15 күн мурун
She's reading the question. She didn't call herself a mother
Reimu Hakurei
Reimu Hakurei Ай мурун
@Celeste Diella Denae if theres no child, there's no title.
Celeste Diella Denae
Celeste Diella Denae Ай мурун
@Reimu Hakurei i want u to have an abortion and then tell me if u think ur still not a mother or father
Carolina Velazquez-Kollman
Carolina Velazquez-Kollman Ай мурун
no disrespect but u r not a teen mom, teen mother means u had a child 😅
Imbored Ай мурун
She never said she was a teen mom. The person who write the comment is a teen mom.
Justina Gonzalez
Justina Gonzalez Ай мурун
Why did you think it was a good idea to have more friends over while you have a friend there and then decide to make a KGpost video that has nothing to do with Jazzy. She sat there probably feeling excluded. So rude and ignorant 🙄
Adriana Migasi
Adriana Migasi Ай мурун
lady _hunter77
lady _hunter77 Ай мурун
Y’all should get a video camera stand or something lol, it kept moving
Kinsey Ай мурун
Omg I think this every single video bc it literally hurts my eyes how much the camera person moves the camera 🤣
samara del valle
samara del valle Ай мурун
Justina Gonzalez
Justina Gonzalez Ай мурун
Justina Gonzalez
Justina Gonzalez Ай мурун
@H I It only takes one of them to get all of them sink. Learn how to do math my god 😂😘
H I Ай мурун
theres only 5 people and their in a house my god just shut up
Orange Dragon5
Orange Dragon5 Ай мурун
Sadly it’s true that there is and there’s no way lying and denying it now 😢
88_ ybarra
88_ ybarra Ай мурун
Did no one catch that Dani said a slur
kyla adams
kyla adams Ай мурун
wait ........ when
Sienna McCarthy
Sienna McCarthy Ай мурун
Danni when he said they can't have fu**ed up teeth 😐😔
Korina Prlić
Korina Prlić Ай мурун
Dani has became soo real
Lindsay Butler
Lindsay Butler Ай мурун
ummmm did y'all not notice when she started to say "its retarted" and then said cut that out GIRL I- okay. (@9:40)
karissa brown
karissa brown Ай мурун
you can't even spell "retarded" stop complaining.
Mya J Romero
Mya J Romero Ай мурун
Not to be rude but when Danie said she’s a teen mom she’s definitely not a teen mom a teen mom is someone raising a kid and she’s not
Kiana Woodard
Kiana Woodard Ай мурун
she was reading the question and the question said "like me cuz im a teen mom" she wasnt saying it ab her
Beth Ай мурун
@Lama Amy Rgt. ... I thought that was what the end part of what the IG comment said too
kid goku the pianist
kid goku the pianist Ай мурун
@Cienna you're stupid. Of course she's not the mother. A baby is made of cells. Cells make up anything living. That's why you don't be a fool, and stay in school.
Cienna Ай мурун
@kid goku the pianist re read the comment, it isn’t a baby because the “baby” was only made of cells when she got an abortion, meaning it WASNT a baby, making her NOT a mother
Cienna Ай мурун
@Gatlin X that’s different, she had an abortion, the “baby” wasn’t fully developed, meaning, it was only made up of cells, making her not a mum
•WalmartBubbles• Ай мурун
Damn she SHADED Ethan
dhia Ай мурун
in swear when Danielle does anything its always BAD girl just quit
Paniz Ttt
Paniz Ttt Ай мурун
the boys on the left and right are so shy:”
Katelynn Dunkley
Katelynn Dunkley Ай мурун
Azaming video i glad you have guy friend to ask these question
Selma Hajder
Selma Hajder Ай мурун
she a teen mom tf wait what
ItsMeSofie Ай мурун
you can just tell that she’s trying way too hard to impress every single one of the guys.
yvng KoKonuht
yvng KoKonuht 4 күн мурун
@User Name shut up
Peepee poopoo
Peepee poopoo 5 күн мурун
@User Name Oh, and say how old you are.
User Name
User Name 5 күн мурун
@Peepee poopoo who says chillin anymore grow up ur like 10
User Name
User Name 5 күн мурун
I would if I met them👀
Rahab Wanjiru
Rahab Wanjiru 27 күн мурун
I totally agree
lexa lee
lexa lee Ай мурун
This was awkward
Vanessa Ай мурун
I wonder how jazlyns bf feels of her being so close to a guy and shit
Elvire Obirai
Elvire Obirai Ай мурун
i know right she looks so uncomfortable. dani is so use to flirting with all guys but jaz looks so uncomfortable
Ciera n
Ciera n Ай мурун
I’m Saying
Phionah Sisson
Phionah Sisson Ай мурун
Girl... how u got so many attractive guy friends! I’m jealous!
Rahab Wanjiru
Rahab Wanjiru 27 күн мурун
@Accidental Alien lmao
Accidental Alien
Accidental Alien Ай мурун
Don't get too excited. I get the feeling that her mom paid them to be there.
Josie Lemmerman
Josie Lemmerman Ай мурун
The thumbnail made me laugh so hard
Trina Luna
Trina Luna Ай мурун
did she say she was a teen mom💀this girl has the mentality of a little kid still lol
Rahab Wanjiru
Rahab Wanjiru 27 күн мурун
Nah she just needs to go to school
Amy Day
Amy Day Ай мурун
Btw she was reading what someone sent her that's why she said I'm a teen mum
Myah Solomon
Myah Solomon Ай мурун
Ok Ok Like girl you know damn well you got an abortion you’re not a teen mom she claimed to be very sentimental about stuff like that
Alexis Lozano
Alexis Lozano Ай мурун
Your not no damn teen mom stfu
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