Answering TMI GIRL TALK questions *EXPLICIT*

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Danielle Cohn

2 ай мурун

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• ʏ/ɴ • 16 саат мурун
Danielle looks really pretty in glasses~ 😌❤️
Kylie Mcclung
Kylie Mcclung 19 саат мурун
K B 2 күн мурун
ilysm dani
-hazza's wifey-
-hazza's wifey- 5 күн мурун
Periods really be poppin' out of nowhere like: "Hi b*tch😚✨..."
Xolile Wutu
Xolile Wutu 5 күн мурун
Why would you waste your precious time to click on Danielle's video, watch it, click the comments section and say something mean. LEAVE HER ALONE!! LIVE YOUR LIFE AND LET HER BE, DANG!!
epichomie5 8 күн мурун
cringe lol
Mark Davis
Mark Davis 8 күн мурун
Mark Davis
Mark Davis 8 күн мурун
aww she makes me feel safe she is literally an angel
LiterallyThxughts _
LiterallyThxughts _ 15 күн мурун
Shes only 14 and shes talking about explicit stuff
K B 2 күн мурун
No she is not do someresearch like dang
good vibes
good vibes 15 күн мурун
IF YOU WERE EVER A MOTHER YOU WOULD BE THE BEST MOM IN THE WORLD❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
good vibes
good vibes 15 күн мурун
I don't care what age people say she is I believe she is whatever age SHE says she is I LOVE YOU SO MUCH❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘😘
Ashlynn Burns
Ashlynn Burns 16 күн мурун
k so i know this comment is really late, but i want you to know that it is OKAY that you don't want to talk about your abortion! someone i know got one and i know prob so many fans are so proud of you for talking about it!! YOU are so strong! luv ya!
Bonnie Young
Bonnie Young 16 күн мурун
I used too really not like Danielle but she’s really starting too grow on me and I really respect her too
Ashlynn Burns
Ashlynn Burns 16 күн мурун
sis 17 күн мурун
I legit remember watching your musicallys you have matured so much!!!
makayla anderson
makayla anderson 18 күн мурун
Hi girl, this is late be get stretch mark lotion and bio-oil it should help the stretch marks go away, it did for me but we have different bodies, still give it a try! Ps I love you sm!! 🧡🧡
makayla anderson
makayla anderson 18 күн мурун
I love you sm you mature so good🧡
Bella B
Bella B 20 күн мурун
When I went on birth control, my first period I had when I was on it I had it for 2 weeks straight and I had cramps so bad that I would throw up.
Aliza Gunter
Aliza Gunter 23 күн мурун
Also if u cant swallow a pill crush it between two spoons and drink something like orange juice or any juice
Aliza Gunter
Aliza Gunter 23 күн мурун
Tips for when u wear shorts or skirts and your legs rub together put baby oil, baby powder or deodorant
iiMøønlightStxrlightii 23 күн мурун
I got my period when I was 10! lol
Lena Jafar
Lena Jafar 26 күн мурун
How old are you kid?
Yara Nassar
Yara Nassar 28 күн мурун
Im a literal 18 year old listening to her and being like yes ok now ik what to do lol
Emilie Raoult
Emilie Raoult 28 күн мурун
You’re so pretty ❤️❤️☺️
Marissa Hobson
Marissa Hobson 28 күн мурун
been watching you since musically days- i LOVE who youve become. be you girl, love you xx
Ella bee
Ella bee 29 күн мурун
emm girls if you itchy down there aint no spray gonna help that especially if your sexually active this could be a sign you have an infection due to an STI or Thrush which normally needs medical attention especially if its an STI thrush dose need treatment to be healed some times it depends on how severe
Adriana Mendoza
Adriana Mendoza 29 күн мурун
i straight up got so scared when i started my period i though got i was dying cuz i was bleeding
fenia bonou
fenia bonou 29 күн мурун
oh my god i felt a safe heree please do more videos like this
Fantastic Assassin 58
Fantastic Assassin 58 29 күн мурун
She said she started her first period at 11 and said this year would be the 6th year that means she’ll be 17 but isn’t she actually 14 and almost 15??
Lia Reth
Lia Reth 29 күн мурун
I guess she lied about it
Camden Mario
Camden Mario Ай мурун
I feel bad for not liking her earlier but rn I really love her. She matured so much and she’s so sweet
Brianna Rowe
Brianna Rowe Ай мурун
thanks for answering these and helping us
Patricia Vera
Patricia Vera Ай мурун
cab you plssss show us your hygiene collection and routine if you havnt
Micayla Jordan
Micayla Jordan Ай мурун
I love you Dani
Aniyah Spirit
Aniyah Spirit Ай мурун
Dont hide ur stretch marks Dani there beauitful no matter where they are!!
queen777 Ай мурун
I love your videos and I don't know how anybody could hate you💜❤💙💜💕💕😘😘
Anime Shippo
Anime Shippo Ай мурун
Work out if you get on it the one you put in your arm got 3-5 years don’t put weight on to much
Beth Rose
Beth Rose Ай мурун
if i’m being honest i never actually watched any of her youtube videos or follow her on social media. i always knew about her and saw her tiktok and insta. this video came up on my recommended. personally i know some tea or whatever about her past but genuinely speaking bc we are the same age and i relate a lot to her i think she’s a really cool person and i would see myself actually being very close friends w her
Lexie Lima
Lexie Lima Ай мурун
wait my friend said she was 14 😕
sofia f
sofia f Ай мурун
To be honest the problem is her mom like she’s an angel but her mom just ruined it for her and that’s why she gets hate so it’s not even her fault
Debbie Ай мурун
The fact that people still think she is lying ab her age....smh cus if she would be 14 she could not have tattoos...
Debbie Ай мурун
@taffy laffy why wouldnt they sponsor her if she was 14??
taffy laffy
taffy laffy Ай мурун
she lies abt it so bang can still sponsor her
Stacy Pp
Stacy Pp Ай мурун
I love these so much they help a bit and everything but also I haven't been able to catch up on your videos however I'm here now binge watching them 💕 ly Dani
s h i m m e r x
s h i m m e r x Ай мурун
Oh and fun fact: I’m 12 rn turning 13 next month on the 22 of feb ye xD
s h i m m e r x
s h i m m e r x Ай мурун
I have really heavy periods most of the time :v
imani gonzalez
imani gonzalez Ай мурун
im literally so sorry for ever not liking you .
hottie playboy
hottie playboy Ай мурун
ʚ Cxline Fxlicia ɞ
ʚ Cxline Fxlicia ɞ Ай мурун
hai Ай мурун
Girlll! if you put deodorant in between your thighs when you wear shorts & stuff it’ll help with your thighs rubbing together
Ava Ай мурун
you aren't 17
ʚ Cxline Fxlicia ɞ
ʚ Cxline Fxlicia ɞ Ай мурун
Yea because her mom forced her to fake her age like , its because when dani got more famous she got more business deals and they asked her age so dani had to up her age by 2 years so shes 15 right now
Jc Copen
Jc Copen Ай мурун
I love how ur so open & nice all the time, like y tf would anyone hate on u 🥺
Carolina Llanos
Carolina Llanos Ай мурун
Dani if u do read this message by any chance u need to be more confident on ur self Nd on ur own life like idek what to believe in anymore if ur lying about ur age or not bc there’s only 2 ways this outcome is going to be one ur really telling the truth or two ur just scared Nd have been manipulated by ur mom for years Nd year Nd years u can get help whenever u want to no matter what age u r as long as ur 17 or younger ur still a minor Nd u will end up getting all the help u want adults don’t have that much help as a minor trust me. If u did tell the truth ur gonna need to show proof bc there are a lot of evidence against ur moms words Nd urs but if it is a lie u need to stand up for ur self u can’t be a pushover Nd let ur self get manipulated in so many ways. Ik how it feels to be manipulated by ur own family hell my whole family as in cousins Nd aunts or uncles r all snakes or at least or idek bc there’s more to my family then meets the eyes but let me tell u I have snakes in my family who tells ppl lies Nd try to make themselves the victims when there not and my dad also can be manipulative but I learned how to not be manipulated Nd get stronger by believing I can actually fight back Nd have a mouth and not going to be shut up by some bullshit that comes out of his mouth Nd be treated as some kind of servant just bc I’m a girl u know how parents say don’t let ppl tell u who u r well that’s the opposite to parents tell me who I should be Nd act like Nd I personally don’t like it so I won’t shut up to them but that doesn’t mean everyone knows what happens to my life personally bc I have trust issues Nd I rather avoid it bc they got nothing to do with me but in ur case it’s different bc ur an influencer Nd bc of the problems that happens here doesn’t mean I wanna get in trouble with adult shit bc it ain’t me or my business either I rather get in trouble with hanging out with friends then being stuck in the middle of drama that has nothing to do with me or getting called at that just makes me look bad when it’s not me if my family were to tell lies about me i confront them Nd tell them stfu bc that’s not ur business Nd not tru Nd they shouldn’t get involved to a minors life when u old as hell Nd got kids who r the age of my little brother who is 13 I think Idek his age bc even he doesn’t really matter to me that much bc he can be a snake as well so I hope u make a better decision then me u have to stand up for ur self there’s never going to be someone to stand up for u unless u do it first Nd put a foot down Nd admit it Nd face it Nd that would be a good adult decision for u bc not even me someone who’s 17 is in that much of drama life decision like that I don’t have tattoos I didn’t get pregnant Nd then got an abortion I haven’t done anything bad like that ofc Idk the experience bc I don’t make those decisions so u need to learn how to make better decisions now Nd ur own decisions I don’t even show pictures of myself by my body bc I’m not confident in my own skin thanks to my dad Nd my whole family calling me a pig everyday reminding me but hey not everything is perfect Nd it’s not like I don’t have a mouth either but take this as an example on how to fight back bc if ur mom really is controlling making u well kinda being the cause to this then u need to stand up no one can do it but ur self on this ur a minor regardless remember that Nd u can get help Nd ur voice will be heard. Minors do get a more advantage bc their minors as cruel as the world is that is kinda a fact depending on ur record Nd ur situation itself Nd don’t be afraid to take ur mother to court or anything like that bc regardless she is ur mom Nd u have been with her ur life but life is life Nd some point u need to take control ur own life once ur an adult plus she will just get help if she needs to Nd she will still be with u just don’t let her control u trust me it’s better then having a parent who doesn’t have papers Nd having an advantage to get help so take the opportunity u have right now there’s nothing to be scared of others have it worse then u too Nd they just want to help u so u won’t make the same mistake as they did pls if u do need help then do it but on ur own without anyone knowing until u actually got the help of u need to use someone’s phone to do calls then do it Nd make sure it’s going to happen that day u can’t wait bc waiting doesn’t do anything for u
rowan smith
rowan smith Ай мурун
honestly who gives a crap how old she actually is
Stacy Pp
Stacy Pp Ай мурун
@Zypher Jones she's been 14 for 2-3 years now
Zypher Jones
Zypher Jones Ай мурун
Look up California age of consent
Zypher Jones
Zypher Jones Ай мурун
Well I’m a state that’s illegal to have sex at the age of 14 when consent is 18 people should care. Period. There is no excuse for her
Maya Todorova
Maya Todorova Ай мурун
I’m not trying to be mean, I’m just concerned about her health- did she gain weight?
Maya Todorova
Maya Todorova Ай мурун
I love her soo muchh thoo
Kelsey Scott
Kelsey Scott Ай мурун
Is she pregnant
ʚ Cxline Fxlicia ɞ
ʚ Cxline Fxlicia ɞ Ай мурун
Mcyts Are pog
Mcyts Are pog Ай мурун
You are no 17 you are 12
ʚ Cxline Fxlicia ɞ
ʚ Cxline Fxlicia ɞ Ай мурун
She was born in March 7th 2006 her father said that in KGpost and she isnt 12 shes 15
ʚ Cxline Fxlicia ɞ
ʚ Cxline Fxlicia ɞ Ай мурун
Shes 15
Neelam Kylie
Neelam Kylie Ай мурун
here your ticket for 'im here before 1 million views' lmao .Anyways finally im glad tht ppl r understnading tht SHE/DANI is SUCH A NICE PURE SOUL .. we/ ilove you dani xoxo :)
ilenia migliaccio
ilenia migliaccio Ай мурун
Dany your so cuteee
michayla ariel
michayla ariel Ай мурун
she may have a huge amount of lies surrounding her but i respect her for being mature about this
leila Ай мурун
honestly i was never a “fan” of dani, but watching her mature and seeing her real personality makes me like her a lot more
Girlzz Things
Girlzz Things Ай мурун
If you have stretch Marks you should try aloe vera gel the best way is to make it yourself but from the store is also good , it will fade away and after 2/3 months its away it works with me
Rosa Jacobo
Rosa Jacobo Ай мурун
i swear dani is the best, i been following her for like 5 years and i dont understand why she gets a lot of hate
Ikram Rafi
Ikram Rafi Ай мурун
I would not make this video at the age of 14 tbh
serenity Bowman
serenity Bowman Ай мурун
When you need to take out you're tampon dose it feel weird or hurt? I ♡ U
ihave disleeccia
ihave disleeccia Ай мурун
I lovvveeed this vid definitely made me think of her as a more likeable normal teen girl because that's what she is not 💕
ihave disleeccia
ihave disleeccia Ай мурун
I'm truly happy she's comfortable talking to us about these things
kary fuentes
kary fuentes Ай мурун
i literally love dani . i feel so safe here ❤️
Mariella Brito
Mariella Brito Ай мурун
Dani, you’re great, yu don’t deserve all the hate frfr
Marbella Mancilla
Marbella Mancilla Ай мурун
I feel like Dani explaining girls' nature is like her talking as an older sister....I'm the oldest and I'm trying to prepare my younger sis for the worst (periods).
samantha Ай мурун
i feel so safe watching this video, it feels like talking to an older sister. but im older than her😭
Kelsey Sagers
Kelsey Sagers Ай мурун
Y did I not like her bro she so cool and mature 😍
Bartholomew Chungus Gingersnap III
Bartholomew Chungus Gingersnap III Ай мурун
I know I’m late but as a girl, with feminine products I use products from a website named Rael. It has flushable wipes that smell amazing, and feminine wash with vagina healthy products that don’t leave you burning or uncomfortable. Just wanted to recommend. Love you girl.
Nk Soccer
Nk Soccer Ай мурун
if u get ur eyebrow waxed, it doesn’t hurt that much actually just don’t flinch when they pull the wax thing
concursante x
concursante x Ай мурун
her hair is perfect😍😍😍
Gabby Villegas
Gabby Villegas Ай мурун
she seems like a really nice person
Angelina Gruner
Angelina Gruner Ай мурун
Yeah I got my period when I was 11 years old
Danni Marie
Danni Marie Ай мурун
Don’t talk about stuff you barely know , aren’t you like 12 😭. Please ask your doctor and parents these questions young lads not a kid . Much love
ʚ Cxline Fxlicia ɞ
ʚ Cxline Fxlicia ɞ Ай мурун
@Danni Marie alright then
Danni Marie
Danni Marie Ай мурун
@ʚ Cxline Fxlicia ɞ again ask your parents or a doctor
ʚ Cxline Fxlicia ɞ
ʚ Cxline Fxlicia ɞ Ай мурун
Shes 15 as i said her father claimed her birthday is March 7 2006 ! It makes her 15 right now so its okay for her to talk about it
Stephany tafur
Stephany tafur Ай мурун
Your so sweet 💞
Candace Rhodes
Candace Rhodes Ай мурун
shes my comfort youtuber
AbusiveDonkey Ай мурун
We know you are 14, stop lying about your age
ʚ Cxline Fxlicia ɞ
ʚ Cxline Fxlicia ɞ Ай мурун
Shes gonna be 15 but shes still 14 since her bday is in March 7th 2006
AbusiveDonkey Ай мурун
why are you lying about your age ? whats wrong with being 14
ʚ Cxline Fxlicia ɞ
ʚ Cxline Fxlicia ɞ Ай мурун
Nothing is wrong with her its her mom , dani’s mom forced her to claim that shes 16 so yea
Hazel Ali
Hazel Ali Ай мурун
I love this girl so much
DShepp 06
DShepp 06 Ай мурун
Bro u Lyin google says u 15
ʚ Cxline Fxlicia ɞ
ʚ Cxline Fxlicia ɞ Ай мурун
She is actually 14 and shes gonna turn 15 this year at March 7th
Sweezy_boi Ай мурун
no one knows for sure how old she is😭it’s crazy
aria the acosmist
aria the acosmist Ай мурун
normalizing heavy periods like a queen! love you, dani!
Closeted Bisexual
Closeted Bisexual Ай мурун
"Like a normal mom does" Me: *she never helped me with my period because she wasn't in my life xoxo* My female teacher: -has 2 sons- *told my dad she would tell me about periods* My teacher was more of a mom than my actual mom- I got my period when I was 10- i'm 11, turning 12 in May :D
ʚ Cxline Fxlicia ɞ
ʚ Cxline Fxlicia ɞ Ай мурун
@Closeted Bisexual XDDD but mines at 11 MAYY
Closeted Bisexual
Closeted Bisexual Ай мурун
@ʚ Cxline Fxlicia ɞ ARE WE TWINS?? XD Mines the 28 may lmao
Closeted Bisexual
Closeted Bisexual Ай мурун
@ʚ Cxline Fxlicia ɞ WHAT THE
ʚ Cxline Fxlicia ɞ
ʚ Cxline Fxlicia ɞ Ай мурун
Omg SAMEEE im turning 12 in May TOO OMGG
Asucena Ward
Asucena Ward Ай мурун
Tbh I never hated her , she’s just a teen ...
tornquist5280 Ай мурун
Dani makes me feel safe
wolfie1234100 Ай мурун
Not having a thigh gap is not bad. Perfectly normal.
Desibandds Ай мурун
your amazing this was a totally needed video
Rafaella Bertoli
Rafaella Bertoli Ай мурун
Adriana Migasi
Adriana Migasi Ай мурун
Dang she’s gonna be 17 in 2 months that’s crazy I’ve been watching her since she was 13ina half maybe 14 or 15
ʚ Cxline Fxlicia ɞ
ʚ Cxline Fxlicia ɞ Ай мурун
Shes actually 14 and shes gonna turn 15 at March 7th
Adriana Migasi
Adriana Migasi Ай мурун
Dang I just notice she’s going to be 17 in two months that’s crazy I’ve been watching her since she was 14/15
Aubrey Ай мурун
Dani plssss don't wear your tampons at night you could dieeee
Kristin Hurt
Kristin Hurt Ай мурун
I honestly want to meet her so bad. She just seems so nice and does not care what people think and she taught me that and now life is so much better. If your seeing this Dani i love you and thank you so much
It'sjustMyneshia _ savage
It'sjustMyneshia _ savage Ай мурун
Poor baby I still love. You no matter what😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Sasha_six_ Kenshin
Sasha_six_ Kenshin Ай мурун
And I think her mom said that she need too make a Abortion
denise Ай мурун
Okay but glasses suit her so good 😍
memesarewhatisteal Ай мурун
"i hope no guys see this" me, sitting over here non-binary
Karla Guerra
Karla Guerra Ай мурун
Karla Guerra
Karla Guerra Ай мурун
Comments passed the vibe check. Shes sweet and doesnt hate on anyone. Love u dani 💕💕
marie Ай мурун
I didn't like her at all not so long ago. But if I'm being honest, she seems so mature now, and she is always kind and positive which is just wonderful.
Harlee Chamberlain
Harlee Chamberlain Ай мурун
just a warning the summers eve is not healthy for your ph levels! i don’t want you get infected!!
insomniowo Ай мурун
Anyone else concerned for Dani I’m not even trying to hate im genuinely worried for her with everything that’s been going on
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